Friday, August 25, 2017

A Dream

In a dream, I was socializing with a group that included a lawyer of my acquaintance and was talking about the Golden Rule. The lawyer said, “come and make me a fence.” I asked, “do you want a fence?” (He didn’t answer, indicating this was a challenge, not a sincere request.) Smiling, I said, “maybe I’ll come make you a nice barbed wire fence with some razor wire on top and a couple of watch towers - I can imagine you having a use for such a thing” (because this lawyer has a lot of children).

I then explained, in case anyone truly didn’t understand how to apply the Golden Rule, “but that’s not how the Golden Rule works. This is how it works: do you want someone to come make you a fence? Then you should go and make someone else a fence. See? That’s how the Golden Rule works. The Golden Rule is not about sticking it to other people to benefit yourself, but about sticking it to yourself for the benefit of others.”

I could see by their faces that they weren’t keen on serving others as the law requires, but wanted to see some benefit to themselves in it, so I said, “so what’s the point of the Golden Rule? Well, there is a point to it, but you have to obey the Golden Rule for a long time before you find out what it is. Or, maybe not - I suppose you could find out quickly.”


I wanted to explain the point of the Golden Rule fully in my dream, but I knew my words would not get it across to their understanding, for the point of it must be revealed and be felt to be understood, and God only shows it to you after you obey. “For ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.”