Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why Procrastinate the Day of Your Release?

To follow up an important implicit point in the post on the relationship between grace and works: the point at which we break God's commandments as we know them - whether given in the Sermon on the Mount or directly to us - is the point at which we have yielded to, or agreed with, another power.  You believed that power over God, you wanted what it offered over what God is offering, so that power persuaded you to choose to turn aside from the path of Godliness.

God cannot save you from what you want and have chosen; that violates your agency, thus you cannot be saved in your sins.  You knowingly chose to yield to that power over God, thus it takes possession of you and you obey it.  As it is written, whatever spirit possesses you when you exit this life shall have power to possess you in the next world - whether that spirit is the spirit of the devil, or the holy spirit.

God can, however, save you when, or if, you change your mind and decide to yield to him instead, and strive in your might to obey him in the thing you have sinned in, rebelling against the evil spirit you have yielded to and allowed to possess you.  Thus God can save you from your sins when you strive against the evil spirit with all your might and do cast your sins away from you and ask God to forgive you and rescue you from them.

Therefore, why not do it now?  Why not repent of all your sins now, and call upon God in your might that he might forgive you and rescue you from the evil you have yielded to, while you walk with all diligence according to God's commandments in the Sermon on the Mount?  Why procrastinate the day of your release?