Friday, May 12, 2017

A Nightmare

I had a horrible nightmare.  I dreamed I was teaching the Sermon on the Mount to a group that was corporately symbolized by a particular poster of some repute on the "LDS Remnant (Awakening)" Facebook forum who, with utter disbelief in the Lord's commands and promises, informed me that the Sermon is crazy, that the Sermon doesn't work, that we can't support idlers and freeloaders, especially those who are walking according to the Sermon, and don't I understand that everyone must work at a job for their daily bread and that there is no other virtuous and workable system for everyone's needs and desires to be fulfilled?  I tried to explain that this is not true, that God gives to his faithful servants what they need, that he can turn stones into bread, and that when there is a community of faithful servants, they work together to till the land for their needs, but I was mocked by scornful laughter as he / they turned his / their back and spoke of other matters.

As I awoke, I understood that mockery will be the reaction to the Sermon; that they will not do it, but some few might hear.

(Matthew 13:1-23)