Monday, March 20, 2017

There Ought to Be Convergence

As men obey the commandments of Jesus Christ with diligence and with all the focus of heart, might, and mind, they come to common understandings through common experiences in the world and the ministrations of the Holy Spirit which reveals the true meaning of things.  Thus do men become of one heart and of one mind, the one heart and one mind being that of Christ, and thus there ought to be convergence of views and feelings among them which are disciples of Christ.

That's why it should not be surprising to hear the servants of God say similar things independently of one another.

And that's also why if a man will believe and diligently execute the commandments of Jesus Christ as far as he has received them in the scriptures and from the voice of the Lord, he doesn't need any man to teach him, for the Spirit is poured out upon him and he is taught from on high.