Monday, March 27, 2017

But What If God Doesn't Answer?

I will say that it has been an interesting last few days.  I was as surprised as most at what I heard at the conference, but the echo in my mind and heart was, continually, "don't oppose; just listen."

While the import of what was said sunk in and ramifications began to be understood, then the spirit of the devil had equal time and power, as measured in pure, unreasoning fear.  "Believe it not!"  "They're trying to take power!"  "Why can't it be this way?"  "Why can't it be that way?"  "What is the need for this?"  "Aren't they inconsistent?"  And such like things.  I heard my fears echoed and clarified and amplified by others in blog comment sections.

I know whose power fear is.

So what if, after doing my due diligence and actually reading the proffered scriptures and potentially determining there is no unrighteousness in them and praying mightily to find out whether this canon is a covenant from him, God doesn't answer me?

I will, in that case, have two options: either to follow fear and deny and depart, or to believe and accept on the word of them who have brought it to me.  No answer is not "no;" it's nothing, and would support neither option.

Zion is a society, as is heaven.  The first rule of any civil society is simply that the citizens be not hostile against one another.  We can't live together peaceably if we're hostile towards one another, but will contend or part ways.  Disbelief is a sign of hostility, and charity, it is written, believeth all things.

So if I'm on my own in this choice, I will choose to accept and let the chips fall where they may, trusting that if I am making an error and if my eye is single to the glory of God and I am diligent in keeping his commandments, he will correct me.