Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Musings on the Law

The law: whatever you wish others would do to you, do to others.

Alternatively: if you would do a thing for yourself, you ought to do it for others. If you would not do a thing to yourself, you ought not do it to others.

In other words, treat others exactly as if they were you.

The meaning of the law: they are you.

Maybe younger, maybe older. Maybe lighter, maybe darker. Maybe smarter, maybe stupider. Maybe wiser, maybe more foolish. Maybe consecrated, maybe desecrated. Maybe male, maybe female. Maybe secure, maybe insecure. Maybe confident, maybe fearful. Maybe rich, maybe poor. They are all you. Just at different developmental stages.

Passing through experiences in abuse and power and fear, just as you are. Learning who and what they are, just as you are. Learning what they like and dislike and inflicting or absorbing the same, providing the same lessons to others, just as you are. Enabled for themselves by experience to discern between good and evil, having the gift of choosing according to their own wills to associate with you or to depart from you.

Not everyone wants to be you.