Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to Get Rich

Wanna get rich?

One way to get rich is to find an underserved market with lots of spending power and an identifiable unfulfilled need and then fulfill that need.

What if I were to tell you there exists an easily identified underserved market with lots of spending power and an identifiable unfulfilled need?

The market is our God and his Christ.  That they are underserved can be readily seen by observing the entire world around us, and, sometimes, by taking an account of our own activities.  That they have lots of spending power can be seen by the fact that all things are theirs, except the souls of men.  The unfulfilled need they have is the willing hearts, minds, and hands of the children of men in keeping their commandments, thus serving them.

There are many competitors clamoring for their business, but they're not giving God and Christ the product they've requested.  Hell, God and Christ couldn't have made it easier - they gave precise instructions for making the product, but none of the wanna-be manufacturers are willing to spend what it would take to construct the items to their exacting specifications.

The competitors spend a lot of time trying to convince themselves and anyone else who will listen that the specifications don't make sense, that only a fool would abide by them, that those who conform to the specifications are crazy extremists, that they only apply to a few vendors, and that no matter how many or how few of the actual specifications are met in constructing the product (the precise list of what may be left undone varies by competitor), God and Christ will accept their product.

But they haven't made the sale, have they?  And they have no assurance that the sale will be made.

What, in the end, are we selling to God and Christ, then?  Ourselves, all that we are and have, purified.  We make the sale by keeping all their commandments always, even to the destruction of all that we have and are, even that of our own lives.

What shall they pay us for ourselves?  Themselves, all that they are and have - equality with them in all things, to dwell in them and they in us, that we are one.

How much more rich can you get?