Monday, November 27, 2017

I Dissent

As of today, 11/27/2017, I hereby formally dissent from each and every G&S proposal pursuant to the A&C both past, present, and future, save one: The Rock of Jesus Christ: A Statement of Our Principles.

I have posted explanations for The Rock of Jesus Christ, and have invited one and all to come and humble yourselves as equals, and reason together openly and publicly concerning this matter in a forum provided for this purpose:  You are all still invited to do so.

It is not my purpose to make you move, for if you move only unwillingly, then you do not agree in your heart even if you feign agreement with your lips.  I will explain why we must all stand on The Rock of Jesus Christ to those who seek an explanation in humility as equals, both openly and publicly, for only if you are persuaded will you move on your own.

Your servant,

Jared Livesey