Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Donation Opportunity: Restoration Ad Campaign, LA Times

We have set up a GoFundMe page to finance an advertisement in the LA Times to at least run on a Sunday, and perhaps also the preceding Saturday, after the September conference at Boise at which it is to be proposed that we receive the Restoration Edition scriptures as canon by covenant.  The ad is projected to announce the opportunity to enter into the covenant, list the commandments of the Lord explicitly, warn the Lord's paid stewards of his coming, announce Denver Snuffer's California talk venue, and provide internet resources for seekers. 

The LA Times has a Sunday circulation of 2.4 million, according to the rep I spoke with.  These are the rates I was quoted, and they're not set in stone. 

Mon, Tues, or Wed.
$21,712.00 for a full page
$10,624.00 for a ½ page
$5,332.00 for a ¼ page
$2,392.00 for a 1/9 page

Thurs, Fri, or Sat.
$23,067.00 for a full page
$11,286.00 for a ½ page
$5,663.00 for a ¼ page
$2,539.00 for a 1/9 page

$27,130.00 for a full page
$13,270.00 for a ½ page
$6,655.00 for a ¼ page
$2,980.00 for a 1/9 page

As the ad rates may be arbitrarily different based on how the editors or sales managers at the LA Times feels about the content of the ad, and to cover GoFundMe's charges, we propose to raise $33,000 to pay for a full-page ad in a Sunday edition, and, if it is possible, to raise an additional $28,000 to pay for the ad to run on the preceding Saturday.  Regardless, we will buy the largest Sunday ad we can with whatever is raised by the end of September, and, if we have enough to buy a Saturday ad as well, we will do that, too.

Whatever we receive in excess of the ad purchase will be forwarded to the temple fund, and if we don't get enough for a Sunday ad, we will forward what we do receive to the temple fund.

Time is short, and we must invite, teach, and warn mankind about what they must do to survive the coming of the Lord, lest their blood come upon our garments and we are found unclean before the Lord.